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New Hope, PA


3/6/15. With Termite Season coming up I thought I'd shed some light on a few things since Termites can be a scary thing and who you get advice from is vitally important.

My name is Glenn Borochaner and I, along with my wife, have Owned & Operated Newtown Termite & Pest Control for 23 years. I have been treating termites for 30 years at the most difficult houses in the area, specifically Levittown, famous for its activity and difficulty in treating due to any number of construction challenges. I have also treated over 1,000 homes in Newtown, Holland, Richboro, Feasterville, Bensalem, Yardley and MANY other surrounding areas. Even after 30 years, I still learn and see new things, though I have seen more than most. One thing that separates us from the others is we are always COMPLETELY honest about our findings on our free inspections. For instance, we have NEVER told someone that swarming ants are swarming termites, something that unfortunately many other companies do just so you'll buy their service.

By contacting Newtown Termite & Pest Control I firmly believe you will receive the most thorough inspection for your home, and if termites are present, we will provide the BEST treatment that is available.

2.27.15.  We've all said "good night don't let the bedbugs bite" well the harsh fact is they do. In fact no home, school, hospital or hotel is immune. The introduction of one female bedbug can lead to 5,000 in just six months. Bed Bugs are about 3/16 of an inch, oval & flat, rust-brown in color and turn reddish-brown after feeding.  Bed Bugs bite because they survive on blood, and prefer skin around the feet and ankles. The bites typically itch, sometimes becoming infected, can cause sleep loss and sometimes cause allergic reactions.

We offer two types of treatments. Our most affective is our Heat treatment, which kills every living insect organism and bacteria that day.  The second is a chemical treatment which is also effective but can take up to two weeks to get rid of the Bed Bugs.

If you have been experiencing bites at night or see blood or fecal stains on bedding, please call us at 215-579-7378 And you will get the answers to ALL your questions. Just ask for Glenn our certified bedbug professional who will help you rest easy again. 

Click on video below to see how we control Bed Bugs...

2/19/2015 - This is the time for those pesky Ants to invade your Home. Typically Carpenter Ants & Foraging ants are the 2 types that will be around. Carpenter ants can cause damage to your home and Foraging Ants can cause economic loss by seeking out foods like sugar, cereals, Etc. People who live in "SLAB" homes, or ones that primarily have a Slab foundation, & reside in areas such as Doylestown, New Hope, Newtown and surrounding areas are more susceptible to this type of Ant activity. We also want to point out that since there are some nefarious companies that will tell you Swarming ants are Swarming Termites it is important that you call an HONEST and EXPERIENCED company to correctly identify your true problem. We will come out and give a FREE inspection/estimate and will offer you ONLY the treatment you really need to fully protect your home.

2/5/2015 - At Newtown Termite & Pest Control we can handle it ALL, But if Termites start invading, we specialize in sending them on their way. If you live Especially in Levittown, Yardley, Newtown Or New Hope and you see anything that looks like Flying ants, which are black & only have a neck but no waist and drop their wings off, or see any damage to wood or drywall call us for a FREE INSPECTION & ESTIMATE Right Away! Please watch our Exclusive video below to see how, with us, Termites have NO place to hide!

1/28/2015. As many of us up north are dealing with the wintery blast, you should be aware that mice try to seek shelter from the cold. If you should see droppings that look like little pellets, around your home we have experts that will help keep the mice under control. Please watch our exclusive video on how Newtown Termite & pest control deals with this pesky problem.

We at Newtown Termite & Pest Control have been caring for the Pest needs of our customers for more than 26 years. Not only do we offer Professional Pest services but our specialization with termites and Bed Bugs is unmatched.

In the coming winter months we will discuss, on this blog, how best to keep your home free from the type of problems that will try to seek shelter in your warm home. 

We will answer any questions so we can keep you comfortable, knowing that we are looking out for your home and family’s well-being!

Talk to you soon....